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Because most of the parcels I ship are packaged in flat rate USPS Priority Mail boxes and the weight of the package is inconsequential, I have based my shipping prices on dollar amounts (see table below). Typically this is pretty accurate. I have found, however, that this can oftentimes over-charge people when purchasing a larger volume of all paper items, for example, that fit in a flat rate envelope. If you find that your shipping cost seems ghastly, please don't hesitate to contact me at to have me send you a PayPal invoice with the proper shipping costs. I ALWAYS credit over-paid postage to people's Paypal accounts or give the option of receiving additional products (or both). I do not charge extra for packages shipped to Alaska or Hawaii as many companies seem to do.

Items shipped within the US

  From To Rate(USD)
  0.01 20.00 5.25
  20.01 40.00 10.50
  40.01 80.00 15.75
  80.01 149.99 26.00
  150.00 and up FREE SHIPPING



Items shipped Internationally

  From To Rate(USD)
  0.01 20.00 9.99
  20.01 80.00 26.00
  80.01 100.00 44.00
  100.01 and up 56.00


When available, a tracking number will be provided for all outgoing orders. Altered Bits/Alicia Caudle is not responsible for lost or damaged items though when able, I will do my best to remedy the situation (i.e. send replacement orders when available after the damange item is returned). If you wish to purchase insurance, signature confirmation or parcel tracking, please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate.

Additional Shipping Informationaltered art and found objects, shipping info, altered bits

When will your order be shipped?

All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days with the exception of custom art pieces as packaging requirements oftentimes require the purchase of special-sized boxes. In this case, items are guaranteed to ship within 5 business days. Because my inventory changes so frequently, I do not accept back-orders so there will never be a delay UNLESS I have a backlog of orders (which typically only occurs around the winter holidays). In a rare or unforeseen event such as that, you will be contacted and informed of the intended shipping date.

I always post a note on the site indicating when I will be out of town and unable to prepare or ship orders if gone for more than three consecutive days. If you place an order while I'm out of town I will always throw in free extras (more than I typically would) in appreciation of your patience.

How will your order shipped?

All US orders US ship Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 days to most locations. All international orders are shipped via USPS 1st Class Mail as Priority Mail was NOT getting their faster as promised and they charged way too much.

Other than the USPS provided eco-friendly boxes, all packing materials consist of clean reused supplies: bubble wrap, air pouches, tissue, packaging paper, etc.. I do this to lessen our carbon footprint and be a little more kind to our planet, particularly since so many orders go out each week. I will NEVER use styrofoam or packing peanuts (and refuse to knowingly buy from anyone who does).

Please contact me if your item(s) will require giftwrapping. A small fee will apply for this service on larger items or if you'd like it to be wrapped extra fancy.

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