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art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards
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art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

one day i'll alphebetize this ever-grown disorganized list :)

Inspirational Altered Art, Mixed Media Art, Illustration, Altered Doll, Art Journal, Book Making, and Wearable Art Web Sites

Remnants of Olde >>
I am so in love with Kerin and Charley's work! They create the most amazing pieces of delectable art and jewelry. You can also check them out on Etsy if you want to buy something fabulous. Not only are they amazing artsits, they are fellow Oregonians which also rocks in my opinions. :)

Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow >>
Madame Talbot's Victorian & Gothic Lowbrow Dark Art
Okay, if it were possible for a human to have feelings of affection towards a website, I'd have a serious crush on Madame Talbot's. This site just rocks -- check out the wonderful posters and other fabulous goodies.

Eduardo Recife >>
I have been artisitically in love with Eduardo Recife since I first found his site almost ten years ago. Has it really been that long?!!? Anyway, you'll quickly see why. Go!

Patricia Chapman >>
Patricia Chapman is a hugely wonderful and amazing talented mixed media artist who creates the most wonderful assemblages and collages. Be prepared to spend a LONG time on her site because she has a vast array and splendid things to feast your eyes on.

Yaya Chique >>
My sweet friend Debi creates fabulous art and jewelry -- you should go check it out! I designed her site, too. :)

Ingrid Dijkers: Dolls and Altered Books  >>
Ingrid's wearable collage vessels are so sweet! I love bird eggs! Also check out her doll parts, altered books and figures.

Suzan Buckner >>
Suzan Buckner is an amazing mixed media and art journal artist.

Debbie Overton Designs >>
Debbie is a mixed media artist focused on incorporating multiple layers of texture and color into her vintage-inspired work. She has a large and inspiring array of work on display on her site.

MMCA Marketplace (Mixed Media Collage Artists) >>
MMCA is a gather of artists and crafters offering a variety of mixed media, collage, jewelry, paintings, folk art and more.

Julia Deville >>
Jewelry, taxidermy, leather... yum! I'm totally in love!

Mark Ryden >>
He is one of my all-time favorite artists.

Teesha Moore >>
Check out Teesha. I want her studio.

The Doll Project >>
Jessica Acosta is one of the most amazing doll makers I've ever found. Take a moment to check out her Flickr and her Etsy linked from the site above. One of my favorite pieces of hers is her Secrets Bust -- she is absolutely gorgeous!

Raea Zani >>
I've been in love with Raea's work since I find stumbled upon it and I am a proud owner of one of her sweet babies (see my baby). Check out the babies on her site or shop Empty Cage to buy some of her jewelry on Etsy.

Glitz-Oh >>
Corinne Stubsonhas an array of wonderful eye-candy on her site, from niche books to book art dolls, beeswax collages to wonderful books and journals. She's yet another Oregon girl by the way!

Sue Pieper: Artful Adventures >>
Sue has a vast array of wonderful work on her web site, including collage, altered books, ATCs and more. I love all of her work but am particularly fond of her "booklaces".

Geraldine Newfry >>
Geraldine makes the most amazing handmade books and journals! They are utterly gorgeous and I must own some. Check out her site, as her Etsy shop. I really, really want this journal of hers called Indian Princess!

Lipstisck Ranch >>
The art of KC Willis.

MaS Design Ceramic Oddities >>
Susan and her husband make MaS Design. They sell fabulous and creepy creations (I have several in my home that either I purchased or received as gifts). This is a link to their Etsy site.

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Mixed Media, Altered Art and other Interesting Blogs

Altered Bits' Altered Blog >>
Yeah, it's mine. :)

Remnants of Olde Blog >>
A day without this blog is like a day without water... or air.

The Altered Page >>
One of my all-time favorite blogs and artists -- Seth Apter. Check out his fabulous mixed media art.

The Josie Baggley Company >>
Madame Talbot's Victorian & Gothic Lowbrow Dark Art
Lovelovelovelovelove! Check out her White Rabbit. ;)

The Pat Studio >>
Patricia Chapman is an assemblage and collage artist who works with found objects and appropriated images while combining text and a large measure of humor to produce art that explores life, love, and other impossible situations. She's fabulous!

The Junkin' Yaya >>
My sweet friend Debi (owner of Yaya Chique) has a great few-times-per-week blog that always inspires me to go shopping! When I visit her blog, I wish I lived in Texas.

Debrina's Diary >>
Delectable tidbits and dreamy vignettes from a doodle art queen and mail art priestess. Send her some pretty mail art and she'll respond with something undoubtedly gorgeous.

Morbid Anatomy >>
Neither my adoration of anatomy or love of morbidity are a secret around here. If you share my passion with either, you must go check out this fabulous blog.

Visual Anthologies >>
Judy always posts amazing and inspirational art, photos and prose. I adore her altered books! You can also check out her other blog, Red Velvet Creations, here.

Curious Expeditions >>
Travelling and exhuming the extraordinary past...

Debbie Overton Designs >>
Sweet Remembrances of Times Past: Art inspired by Vintage and Antique Treasures.

Her Wings: Dancing with life; in spite of two left feet >>
This the blog of my sweet friend Diana Cohen. You must go check her amazing and beautiful studio photos!

Suzan Buckner >>
Suzan Buckner is a fabulous mixed media and art journal artist. I love checking out her blog as regularly as I can.

Melancholy in all its Glory >>
My sweet friend Alisha May has started a new blog chalk full of great things to look at and read.

Sue Pieper: Artful Adventures >>
Sue's blog is chalk full of inspirational art, ATCs, jewelry and more.

Teesha Moore >>
Need I say more?

JoAnnA Pierotti of Moss Hill Studio >>
Read JoAnnA's Art Journal and look at all of her fabulously inspiring work: altered art, bottle art, wearable art, art dolls and fiber art. She's quite the talented lady!

Beverly Ash Gilbert >>
Check out her amazing jewelry. Beach Comber is my favorite. :)

Musings of my Mind >>
The life and art of Tracy Webster. Check her out in our Anatomically Altered Zine -- she sold that amazing piece to Courtney Love on Etsy. Go Tracy!

Karyn Servin's Blog: One Illustrator's Perspective >>
Karyn draws the sweetest cupcakes!

Mud Hound Primitives >>
Lisa is a mixed media artist and SAHM who loves all things primitive and vintage.

Glitz-Oh GIrl >>
Take a peek into the art and life happenings of artist Corinne Stubson.

Rachel Whetzel's Blog: Mine to Thine >>
Fellow Oregon-girl's all purpose art and life blog.

Jan Roger's Blog for Mixed Media Art >>
I "found" Jan Roger's Blog after she found my site and linked to it. She has an amazingly huge amount of great information and links in her blog.

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Altered Book Links

Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies >>
This is one of the most awe-inspiringly beautiful sites. Brian Dettmer is a creative genius who carves into books revealing the artwork inside, creating complex layered three-dimensional sculptures.

Art eZine's Altered Book Gallery >>
These guys are busy! Check out several pages of photos of wonderful altered books.

Karen's Whimsy >>
This is quite the inspirational altered book and found object art gallery. Go have a looksy.

MECA: Maine College of Art : Altered Book Gallery >>
MECA and the Portland Public Library teamed up to present "Long Overdue: Book Renewal." Starting with books that had been withdrawn from the Portland Public Library as no longer suitable for circulation, more than 200 artists overseen by the Maine College of Art have – through deconstruction of text, assemblage, collage and other means –created "new" works of art.

International Society of Altered Book Artists >>
They are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting altered books as an art form and to provide a forum for the exchange of skills, experience and ideas through education, exhibits and events.

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Online Art Workshops

Mixed Media Art >>
Get your eyeballs spanked at Kerin and Charley's art party! Learn how to make mechanical birds, resin clay pendants and lots of fun things. As Kerin said it on her main page: A fun & exciting place about art and realizing artistic goals & dreams. Yes really ~ it can happen for YOU!! Open to all and free to join.

Moss Hill Studio Workshops >>
JoAnnA Perrotti has put together several fabulous video-based online workshops: Bella Art Doll Workshop, Viklina Art Bottle Workshop, Collage - Mossy Style, Tattered Threads Workshop and soon, Soldering Pendants and Charms. Her workshops are very affordable and will be on her site permanently.

KC Willis' Collage Camp >>
KC's Collage Camp WorkshopsKC's details of making her art have never been videotaped before... so this is a first! She will cover a lot in this workshop and when all is said and done you will have the ammo needed to make art using beloved family photos or any favorite photo. Knowledge of basic machine sewing is helpful, but you can do it using hand stitching or even just gluing, if you have an aversion to needles or thread.

Creative Textures >>
Creative Textures is an online (self-paced) art workshop that explores a wide variety of mixed media. Join them in their studios as they demonstrate techniques and experiment with different ways to create texture. (I am looking forward to taking this one of these days!) UPDATE: Apparently this is by invitation only now. Poo. I guess I was way too slow to sign up.

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Artist Trading Card Links

Art In Your Pocket: ATCs >>
Rather than recreate the wheel, I suggest this site to anyone who is new to ATCs and would wish to learn more about the art of making and sharing Artist Trading Cards.

Art eZine's ATC Gallery >>
Art eZine has a fabulous three-page gallery of their first ATC swap. This is a non-commercial site based in the UK, but offers links to online materials in the US too. >>
This is a dedicated discussion board for artist trading card enthusiasts, complete with member's Artist Trading Card galleries for your potential inspiration.

ATC Gallery >>
Here is a super fun gallery of Artist Trading Cards from people around the world.

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Magazines and Zines

ARTitude zine >>
Check out their site to subscribe or order their juicy back issues. Yes, they are the ones who created the wondrous book Kaleidoscope. If you don't have it, buy it! It's a treasure chest of ideas and inspiration. Please note: I do NOT think it's at all intentional but a couple of their links point to porn sites, one of which gave me a trojan virus. So unless you're into that sort of thing, click at your own risk.

Altered Arts Magazine >>
Altered Arts Magazine provides inspiration for altered book and collage artists. They have several bonus online project ideas and articles in addition to cover art contests and more.

Somerset Studio >>
Ranked #1 Rubber Art Stamping and Paper Craft magazine in Barnes & Noble General Craft/Hobby rankings for three years in a row! I like them too. :)

Ornament Magazine >>
Ornament celebrates a unique art because its context is the human being. Our creative energies are drawn from an appreciation that what we make to adorn ourselves is a beautiful and meaningful expression of life. (per their site)

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Links to Free Photos and Images

Image After >>
This is my favorite free photo site. They have a vast array of wonderful textures and photos.

art eZine >>
They have a huge array of free Vintage photos and imagery.

free vintage clipart: the vintage moth

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Links to Free Fonts

Cape Arcona Type Foundry >>
These guys have been one of my favorites for all eternity. I have all of their free fonts and have purchased a great deal of the others (CA Nars!). Go check 'em out and get some fonts for your upcoming projects!

Misprinted Type >>
Not only does this site have a vast array of amazing fonts, but the associated artwork as well as illustrations and drawings on the sire are just amazing to me. Extremely inspirational whether you're in the market for new fonts or not -- go check it out.
i <3 edwardo recife!

art supplies, art galleries, altered art, shrines, shadow boxes, links, discount art supplies, artist trading cards

Necessities: Basic Art Supplies

Mister Art >>
Up to 75% off art & craft supplies at MisterArt
Mister Art is a GREAT resource for art supplies. I purchase everything from paint to patina to ink to bees wax to odd-shaped canvasses from them. They have a huge selection and amazing customer service (otherwise I would not recommend them).

Dick Blick >>
Dick Blick is the king of the art universe! I buy lots and lots of stuff from them, from acrylic paints to Caran d'Ache pastels, canvasses to stamp pads. They have great customer service and ship super fast. FREE SHIPPING on orders totaling $200 or more >>

Austrian Crystal beads in an endless variety of shapes and sizes from Free Shipping on all orders! >>
The vintage beads and findings are lovely, as are the and natural beads -- look at the horn beads!

Joann >>
Joann.comJoann is a great place for finding fun fabrics and trims for your fiber art projects, anything from Sharpies and paints and pretty papers to embellishment basics such as eyelets and charms. They have rad deals on Sewing Machines at too -- I want one. >>
Another great site for fabrics if you're looking for huge discounts. They oftentimes have sweet vintage and retro fabric patterns.

Create for Less >>
Create for Less has a huge array of stuff and offers up to 70% discounts if you're into buying multiples. I get most of my craft birds and eggs from them but that's about it.

Free Altered Art Stuffmixed media and altered art tutorials, book making, collage, resin clay, crackle paint, rusting metal
Altered Art Resources and Examples