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Every now and then I feature a new artist or artists that I adore for one reason or another. Check back often because chances are you
too will adore them just as much. :)

september 2009:

Simon Loach: Shadowshow >>
Joanne Archer
The Crow Road >>

I recently had the tremendous pleasure of interviewing UK-based creative couple Simon Loach and Joanne Archer. Although their art is quite different from each other, both poses unbounded talent in their areas of interest: photography and mixed media art. Simon takes photographs and alters them to make them less photographic in nature, preferring to shoot people. Joanne creates wonderful dream boxes, assemblages and collage. Although she works with many materials, Jo feels most drawn to fabric, metal, and paper.

Read below to find out more about these wonderful artists (whether they consider themselves as such or not), and have a look at the fabulous work they've shared with us.


Simon Loach

Kerin and Charlie of Remnants Of Olde
  Simon's Website: Shadowshow
altered art, jewelry, art that moves

"For in and out, above, about, below, 'tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show"
(The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyaim)

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I wouldn't . Something I have a big hang up over... I wouldn't even refer to my images as "work" and stick to the term "stuff".

what makes you think of me
nude photography by simon loach, shadowshow

What advice would you give an emerging photographer?
Experiment, try everything: landscapes, still life, nudes try it all... you'll soon find out what works for you... what subjects you have an affinity with, etc . I can photograph nudes or abandoned buildings and that's it.

first class taxidermy
photography by simon loach, shadowshow

What camera(s) do you use? And what program(s)/methods do you use to alter them?
For digital I've got a canon 40d and for "real" film I use a couple of old Russian Lubitels. They take 120mm film, are hard to focus, and the results are utterly unpredictable. Definitely a love hate relationship with them. I mix film and digital purely on the basis of whatever works at the time and primarily stick to Photoshop for post processing etc.

How do you see your work evolving?
Evolving slowly and very dependent on how I feel at the time... at the moment I'd say more film and more abandoned buildings. That could change tomorrow, so who knows really.

nude photography by simon loach, shadowshow

Where can your work be found (galleries, books, magazines, web sites, etc.)?
With the imminent closure of my studio on the immediate horizon (wicked property developers!) I'm due to be an photographic nomad any time soon. Therefore I'd say look at my website

come back to haunt me, come what may
nude photography by simon loach, shadowshow

Are there artists or photographers whose career(s) you follow or draw inspiration from when creating your work?
Inspiration seems to come from so many sources would be hard to pin down. A couple of relatively unknown photographers like Takui Neko, Jonás García & Elena Baca all do amazing work that inspires me to try harder.

Is there anything you would like AB readers to know about you that we did not cover in our interview?
Hmmm lets think... volunteer models are always welcome as are donations of old cameras.

doesn't look a thing like jesus
photography by simon loach, shadowshow

featured artists, altered art, assemblage, found object art, jewelry, atcs, collage

Joanne Archer

Kerin and Charlie of Remnants Of Olde
  Joanne's Blog: The Crow Road
| Joanne's Etsy Shop
altered art, jewelry, art that moves

When and how did you first become interested in art?  How long have you been creating?
As long as I can remember! My mother was very creative when we were young and she still paints and draws now. She taught us to sew and knit and because there was little money around then (I'm the youngest of 7!) she had to be inventive and make things out of whatever was at hand. I know the "homespun" tale sounds a little corny, but it's true! 3 of my brothers are musicians and very artistic too. Love of art led me to doing art history as part of my degree, but it's only been in the last year that I've seriously started to create things that I'm willing to show other people!

the crow whisperer
the crow whisperer, mixed media collage/assemblage by joanne archer

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Oooh, I don't! Like Simon, I feel a bit pretentious saying I'm an artist. I say "I make stuff" instead. I think I'd be more comfortable if I was earning my living from it, but I don't think a few sales warrants the title yet!

the offering
the offering, assemblage, collage by jo archer

Do you have a favorite medium or technique you use consistently in your work?
At first I was eager to try out all sorts of techniques and mediums that I saw other artists using, but I think I do my best work with collage now. I like to use different materials such as fabric, metal, etc. as well as paper. I also love little niches and holes that reveal (or hide) something underneath.

the lost summer

Do you have a favorite piece or pieces of art that you've created?
Yes, my favourite so far is "The Attic" (below). Usually, after finishing a piece, I can quite happily say goodbye to it; for me, the excitement is in the process, but I loved that one. It sold as soon as I put a photo up of it! To a good home though. My other favourite is my latest work, "The Lost Summer" (above).

the attic
The Attic by Joanne Archer

How do you see your artwork evolving?
Well, I did think that I would like to be able to create things that have "my stamp" on them. There are some artists whose work you instantly recognize, but now I like the idea of changing styles regularly. I am determined, however, to stop making art using the "vintage images of women" look. Everyone seems to be doing that and unless it's done well, it can look a bit twee and cloying; a trap I think I've fallen into myself plenty of times! (But don't be surprised if I go back on this one; I didn't say I wasn't contrary!)

faith, assemblage by joanne archer

Are there artists whose career(s) you follow or draw inspiration from when creating your work?
Lots! I'm not going to say the usual gang we all know and love, as I've mentioned them before, but other favourites are Jessie M. King, Annie French, Judy Chicago, Artemisia Gentileschi, Herbert Pfostle and always the Pre-Raphaelites. Sorry I'm mixing old and contemporary here. Lots more, just don't have room!

scorched, collage by joanne archer, jo archer

What motivates you to create art?
How long is a piece a string?

witches and other night fears
Witches and Other Night Fears by Jo Archer

Do you do any collaborative work with other artists?
Yes, a little. I'm currently taking part in an assemblage, round robin with you and some other lovely ladies from Altered Bits! That's great fun as long as you are willing to accept what someone else may do to your work!

the muse

Is there anything you would like AB readers to know about you that we did not cover in our interview?
Oh, I think they know too much already! Although can I just sneak in the fact that my blog is up and running now? (Cue link Alicia! lol)

All images the property of Shadowshow, Simon Loach and Joanne Archer.
Please do not download or use images without permission. Thank you.


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