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february 2009:

Kerin and Charley of Remnants Of Olde >>
kerin tells us what brought them to oregon and got them arting full time, as can be read on their blog

Kerin and Charlie of Remnants Of Olde
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altered art, jewelry, art that moves

Taking a leap of faith can be exhilarating. Daring! Exciting! And we DID IT. We didn’t just talk about it– we actually changed our lives around to be here. We (my husband, Charley, and I) both strongly felt that there was no other decision to be made. This is what we should do. Absolutely and positively. But even so, sometimes I still am in awe that we actually did.

Amazing Art Pieces by Remnants of Olde

The thing is we could no longer accept anything less than living exactly HOW we wanted and WHERE we wanted and to do WHAT we wanted.

We had talked about these things for some time. Moving to the ocean. Making art together full time. Sharing with other creative people and much more. Don’t we all *talk* about such things? Our dreams and what we might do someday?

Right before we moved Charley happened to be talking to someone and it came up that we had decided to move to the Oregon coast. The man seemed to have a strong reaction and he told Charley that he had very much wanted to move there about 20 years earlier. Later Charley realized that the man was almost exactly 20 years older than he was. So that was a huge affirmation for Charley that he wasn’t just sitting idly by while his dreams vanished into the past.

And that was definitely not an isolated event. We seemed to be getting signs everywhere that this was the right thing to do. There were just as many signs pointing out that we weren’t in the right place. Then one day Charley just said, “That’s IT. We’re moving to the southern coast of Oregon.” We both gave two weeks’ notice and quit our jobs (yes, of course in middle of a recession– is there any better time to jump off the proverbial cliff!!!) and moved to another state.

beautiful art and jewlery by remnants of olde

There’s more to this story though. There was a compelling reason that made us act on this. Here is the painful truth that I have a hard time believing still. I lost my sister, Diana, because she had cancer and died.
She was always my hero and she looked out after me ever since I can remember– many times when there was no one else there for me. And she added so much to my life. It has been so much richer and so much more fun and magical because of her.

–> She taught me so many great things like how to embroider all those cool things on my jeans, how to play cribbage, where the coolest beaches were that most people didn’t know about, introduced me to such great bands and music . . . well the list seems to go on and on. I owe so much to her.

–> One day when I was in 6th grade I was called down to the school office. I had no idea why. Turns out Diana was there to "pick me up to take me to a doctor’s appointment". A little while later we were at the beach in Half Moon Bay. Even at the time I knew it was going to be a day I'd always remember. It was Awesome!!!

–> One morning I woke up to find the coolest baby blue long fringe suede vest EVER hanging on the end of my bed. I was only 10 and this was back in the day when there was NOTHING cooler than a baby blue long fringe suede vest . . . except that she also made it for me. I mean it was cooler than bell bottoms and those were pretty cool then.

–> She is the one that went with me out to ride horses on the beach all those fine summer days.

–> Diana wanted me to have her beloved bronze metallic VW bug (her very first car) to drive when I turned 16 so I wouldn't have to rely on anyone (including boyfriends) to go places. She was only 25 then and not making too much so that was very generous of her to offer her car.

If you think you may see what I mean about my sister – I really haven’t given you any idea! There is sooomuchmore. She just was (and is) MY HERO.

And she is gone.

more amazing art by remnants of olde

So you see what we did by changing our lives like that wasn’t just for us. It was to honor Diana. So that really was the compelling reason that we decided to begin actually living our dream rather than just talking about it. And it was important that we did this fairly quickly. Life is short after all.

It wasn’t so much for me to quit my current gig I had at the time since I’ve been working on software development contracts that often don't last very long anyway. That being said, I was moving to an area that would pretty much require that I leave that type of work behind. But Charley had been at his job for 12 years and had lived in the same town for 20 years. So to leave all that was no small thing.

Once the leap has been made it can get scary. Stress. Anxiousness. Uncertainty. Because after all, we changed everything. And we walked away from our jobs and moved to an area that isn't exactly known for its strong economy. Yikes!!! Besides all that (true confession time) I sometimes feel pretty insecure in this big ol' world.

So one primary purpose for this journal is to record all the blessings, miracles and happy coincidences that really are one affirmation after another and that our leap of faith has put us on a meaningful path. The right path for us. And that everything is working out as it is meant to.

And we did this for not the least of reasons that if my life flashes before me in the end like they say it does, I’ll have the same peaceful smile on my face that my Grandmother did.

And yes, I have every intention of staying positive and believing in this path we have chosen. The recording of all these miracles, great and small, when looked at collectively, will help me to keep the faith that this – all this – all our dreams, hopes and intentions are here now.

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