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january 2009:

profile of a little artist: finnian, age four (AND three quarters, he keeps reminding us)

Post completion his first ATC, we interviewed young Finnian to learn of his techniques as we were greatly impressed. After all, his card was better than 95% of what we'd received from swap-bot and other similar swaps to date from actual grown adults. Here is the brief and word-for-word interview:

four year old artist: created artist trading cardq: finnian, how did you make this unique and lovely atc?

a: well, my mom gave me the art card.  then i just did it.

q: can you tell us step by step what you did?

a: i took the art card that you trade in my hands and then i colored on it with green colored pencil.  then i painted some red on it after my mom opened the paint for me because i'm not allowed to open them myself because they are chemicals.  chemicals are dangerous for kids.  so i painted the red.  then i had to wait until after i went to sleep for it to be dry.  then i colored on it with my yellow cream crayon but that didn't have to dry.  my papa said i could use some of his owie tape so i taped around the edges (he pulled the pieces off for me and helped me stick them on in a square that was more like a rectangle).  then i painted with some blue with a paint brush and then used a comb to make lines.  when that was dry it was a long time later.  i put some really watery gold paint on and combed it but it looked like spit.  so i had my mama dip the big comb into white paint and i dotted it around.  it looks weird on top of the gold, like i spit on the white part, but it still looks pretty nice.  then i tried really hard to paint black lines around it on the tape so when i peeled it off it looked cool and i made some dots too (my mama taught me how to do that before).  i also drew black lines around the outside with a stinky pen that my mom said was sharp but it wasn't.  i can't remember when i did that part though.

(the "stinky pen" was a fine tipped sharpie)

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