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Every now and then I feature a new artist or artists that I adore for one reason or another. Check back often because chances are you
too will adore them just as much. :)

january 2010:

Donna Watson
dona watson, artist, layers
Contact Donna: Blog | Website | Email Address >>

acrylic, collage, digital image, clay

edge of light, donna watson, acrylic, collage, mixed media art

I recently had the immense pleasure of interviewing Donna Watson, an award-winning contemporary mixed media artist whom I met in early 2009. Immediately upon seeing her amazing work for the first time, I was awe-stricken and head over heels in love: acrylic paint, textured papers, graphite drawings, rusty metal objects and digital images. There is so much to Donna's art... shadows and memories hiding under each layer like tiny secrets, subdued hues that evoke almost a meditative feeling, nature, letters, repetitious symbols, numbers... all so very refreshing and inspiring.

After our interview, Donna informed me that she will be featured in the upcoming book MASTERS: COLLAGE, which will be released in June. One can pre-order it from if you'd like. I, of course, already have my copy on reserve.

acrylic, collage, digital image

donna watson, dream, mixed media art, collage, acrylic
acrylic, collage, digital image

imprint, mixed media art, acrylic, collage, digital art

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel."

(Maya Angelou)

When and how did you first become interested in art?  How long have you been creating?
I have childhood memories of drawing and painting, in which I would try to copy drawings and paintings I saw in books. I remember taking high school art classes and when I went to college, I did take a year or so of art classes. But I always got sidetracked and interested in other classes and ended up with a Masters degree in Deaf Education. I taught deaf children in a public school setting for 4 years. Then, 30 years ago when my first son was born I decided to stay home and I took up painting for a hobby. Over the years, and 2 more sons later, the hobby turned into a more serious endeavor.

acrylic, collage
the lone crow, donna watson, mixed media, acrylic, collage
acrylic, collage, digital image

the way low by donna watson, acrylic, collagae


Do you have a favorite medium or technique you use consistently in your work?
I started working in watercolor and painted landscapes, flowers and still life for 15 years. During this period, my paintings sold very well in galleries and summer art fairs. About 15 years ago I went through a huge change in my thinking, my focus, my medium, and my goals. I pulled out of the galleries, and quit painting watercolor landscapes. Since then, I have been on a search for more personal content, and a more personal and unique painting style. My medium has evolved into acrylic, and then collage, and now even some assemblage. I now consider myself a mixed media, collage painter.

acrylic, collage
fragments, donna watson, mixed media, acrylic, collage
acrylic, collage on wood support

destination by donna watson, acrylic, collagae

Describe your working methods.

My working method is very methodological... very thought-ridden and planned out. I start with my theme, or content first and paint in a series of 10-20 paintings within that theme. I then look for images, words, text and papers to fit into the theme. I realized some time ago that I do not like much color so my colors are subdued. I also figured out what I love and make sure I put those elements in my paintings. I love textures, nature, mark making, circles and dots, letters and numbers. I love objects that are weathered, worn, rusty, scratched, or broken. For several years I have been interested in the passage of time and what remains.

meanings, donna watson, collage
acrylic, collage

dream 2 by donna watson, acrylic, collagae

How do you see your artwork evolving?

I see my work evolving into assemblage or 3-D wall art. I think I will always be a painter so I will be trying to figure out how to include some objects in with my paintings. I have already experimented with this by sometimes attaching rusty hinges or flat pieces of wood to my paintings.

acrylic, collage, wooden box, bird wing, small objects

authenticity by donna watson

Is there anything you would like AB readers to know about you that we did not cover in our interview?

I believe very strongly that one should not separate their environment, surroundings, interests from their art work. I plan and work in my zen gardens, my home decor, my style and choice of clothing and jewelry -- are all reflected in my paintings and vice versa.

encaustic, collage, nails

beautiful 1 by donna watson, collage, acrylic, mixed media, found objects, stamps, rusty nails, beeswax, encaustic
encaustic, collage, small weathered firework pieces

beautiful 2 by donna watson

Upcoming workshops for 2010:

1. Jan. 13-15, Personal Expression: A Design Approach Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Palm Beach FL
2. March 22-24, Personal Expression: A Design Approach Emerald Art Center, Springfield OR
3. April 12-16, San Diego Watercolor Society,
4. Oct. 6-10, Montana Watercolor Society, Kalispell, MT juror and workshop instructor
5. Oct. 21-23, Society of Watercolor Artists, Fort Worth TX

If anyone would like more information they can contact Donna directly at the email address listed above.

book assemblage, clay, collage

the secret by donna watson, frozen charlotte, book, keys, raven, crow, vintage findings

Matzke Fine Art, Camano Island,WA
Williams Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

All images the property of Donna Watson.
Please do not download, copy or use images without permission. Thank you.


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